Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Finding holes in your system configurations before hackers do is an important, but often overlooked, process in securing an organization's network.

Penetration tests determine the extent of your network's exposure to external or internal attacks and assesses the effectiveness of your existing safeguards in providing the level of protection you desire. We demonstrate the effectiveness of your security measures by attempting to exploit weaknesses. Testing can be performed both remotely and/or onsite to probe your internal network for security vulnerabilities, known software bugs, configuration problems, and unnecessary network services. All testing is carefully controlled and is conducted in a manner that avoids network outages and maintains data integrity.

We perform Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing via techniques often used by hackers to compromise your system. We check for vulnerabilities and common misconfigurations that can be used to gain access to your networks, peform denial of service attacks, or gather sensitive information.

Upon completing the testing, a final report detailing results in order of severity, information gathered, and possible countermeasures is delivered.

Subscription Service

Checking your network one time for security vulnerabilities is not enough. Vulnerability assessments should be performed on a regular basis to insure the ongoing security of your network assets. That is why CC Services also offers a Network Vulnerability Assessment service on a subscription basis. We can perform assessments on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.

For more information about our Network Vulnerability Assessment Services, contact us by telephone of per e-mail.